Divide the group by transportation and department. Download Documentation
The menus are separated by department. Each department can control a document in one page, you can view the working status by job. You can also open other jobs if the customer uses another transportation medium. For example, if one customer asks for sea freight but needs transport and shipping, you can pass all that data to the other transportation manifest - no need to key all the data in again. Meanwhile you proceed to operate documents, you can receive data from operations to create invoice / payment / debit note / credit note and pass all accout data to account department.
1. Sales management
  Manage quotation, rate cost / price for all transportation media (air/sea/courier/shipping/house-moving/truck/other/train) ,sale performance reports etc.
2. Ocean Freight / Sea Freight
  Export/Import Documents for customers (Booking confirmation /B/L / DO / Amendments / Arrival notice , Pre-Advice), Booking and planning jobs, 
Job Control Status (In-order/waiting/complete/cancel) , Documents for liner , Master Control Status (In-order/waiting/complete/cancel) , 
Account Status (Pre-Invoice / Pre-Cost / Pre-DB/CR)and Reports.
3. Air Freight
  Export/Import Document for customer (Booking confirmation /HAWB / MABL / Amend / Arrival notice , Pre-Advice), 
Booking and Planning Job, Job Control Status (In-order/waiting/complete/cancel) , Documents for Airline , 
Master Control Status (In-order/waiting/complete/cancel) , Account Status (Pre-Invoice / Pre-Cost / Pre-DB/CR) and Reports
4. Courier
5. Warehouse
6. House moving
7. Shipping
  Receive a job from another department or create a new job, control documents by status, control cash advances, pass invoices and cost to account department.
8. Truck transportation
  Can create a new job in this department or receive jobs from other departments. Control all documents by status. Manage drivers, repair trucks, control date and time of work by bar-code scanner.
9. Train management
  For train services, all documents can be controlled by status and account management.
10. Other Service
  In addition to the services mentioned above, the system can create jobs in this menu. You can proceed with your job by status as other services also can manage account documents.
11. Account
  Receive data from operational departments after checking and editing for the correct price then print original account documents to inform the customer or supplier.